Crazy Frog - Axel F (Official Video)

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Опубликовано: 17.06.2009
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Exite _09 07.09.2019 07:02
Whatching thid
Exite _09 07.09.2019 07:02
Wow so many 2019 people
Rudolf Levente 07.09.2019 07:02
this is done in the minecraft 0.24
Светлана Ламанская 07.09.2019 06:58
Весёлая песня
DaJanae Williams 07.09.2019 06:52
OMG this is still annoying 😂 90s has arrived 🔥
e̾r̾i̾c̾k̾ g̾o̾o̾s̾e̾ m̾a̾n̾ 07.09.2019 06:50
This song makes me want to break every law but say sorry
Mr. Cleo 07.09.2019 06:45
Хз почему он меня раздражает.
Nugget Do 07.09.2019 06:44
Khdmd Hudi10 Hdhqq10
Pix Pox 07.09.2019 06:27
Có ai việt nam hông ta
AKTS The Youtuber 07.09.2019 06:23
If you feel this song is Nostalgia Give a like on
илья шоу илья шоу 07.09.2019 06:21
Аааааа вы ключите!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ulises Deschamps 07.09.2019 06:19
Alguien de México por acá?
RipVanTacitusCornwallWinkle III 07.09.2019 05:52
I remember me and my mates singing this in school in 2013
Stolzer Aramäer 07.09.2019 05:30
2004 Here???
Angela Jasojonas 07.09.2019 05:29
Kahil 07.09.2019 05:27
Man this was my childhood I even had the racing game
DrEM 07.09.2019 05:17
الحين شسالفتها ذي؟
K-ICM vlog 07.09.2019 05:13
This is all of my childhood
Saqueo Samagdm 07.09.2019 05:02
😂😂😂😂😂 2019 más vistas que Jon z Delageto
Mhmad Gamer 07.09.2019 04:59
CosmicToad 07.09.2019 04:54
R.I.P Crazy Frog 😭🤧
Seth Villanueva 07.09.2019 04:48
DIPPER TV 07.09.2019 04:47
ChokVuiWon Gaming 07.09.2019 04:36
Apa laa ni lagu gilaa
Michael Douglas 07.09.2019 04:11
Brasil 2019
Çingiz Məmmədov 07.09.2019 03:59
Azerbaycanan kim var 2019?
Ronal Adiputra Sebayang 07.09.2019 03:48
7-20th September 2k19 anyone?
SuperAust 07.09.2019 03:43
my teacher played this song at school no lie its actually the bing is actually kinda catchy
Animaluva4 07.09.2019 03:26
2019: *rap music nobody understands* 2000: *DING DING* Who’s here with me in 2019? This is my jam
Hallan Martins 07.09.2019 03:00
Haaaa que tempos bom
The AZTEC GAME 07.09.2019 03:26
Joe lee 07.09.2019 03:00
Keagan N 07.09.2019 02:58
I liek how he is so chill xD
The AZTEC GAME 07.09.2019 03:26
analiz aracena 07.09.2019 02:45
Niurka Carrasco 07.09.2019 02:19
din din
Ou Giovana 07.09.2019 02:15
1 bi de viws
SEBAS GAMER335 07.09.2019 02:02
The AZTEC GAME 07.09.2019 03:26
Riman Dsk 07.09.2019 01:38
Lool this frog is completely annoying hahahahaha
Althea Smith 07.09.2019 01:35
Mario cart reference at 1:00
Andrea Colón 07.09.2019 01:24
Suri Martinez 07.09.2019 01:16
That thing is so stupid but I keep listening
Mr. H 07.09.2019 01:09
You Just post cringe in 2019 bro 😩👎
Brittany 07.09.2019 00:34
I remember annoying my parents trying to hold out this note @ 1:17
Pol Fouquet 07.09.2019 00:28
J’adore ce morceau abonné vous a slowncried je fai des cover et des tuto métal❤️
John Maciejowski 07.09.2019 00:18
I’m only here for my daily dose of crazy frog. Please ignore me.
Nicole _UwU 07.09.2019 00:08
Sr JEJE 06.09.2019 23:52
Yung 007 06.09.2019 23:50
Eu tinha medo dessa porra e tenho até hoje ehueeuueehhej
Dark Zone GOD 06.09.2019 23:50
10 years later and still watching this
Maria de Lourdes Panico Leite 06.09.2019 23:44
Que Mérida zuas
mooshroomguy101 06.09.2019 23:40
What happened to humanity
JoleeBro XT 06.09.2019 23:33
Who did actually play this game back then? I did :-)
Vabim Belousov 06.09.2019 23:26
2миллиарда????!!! Антон гордись этой лягушкой!!!! Ведь ты так её любил!!!!
Cynthia Crump 06.09.2019 23:25
this video has alot of views
Miller Mora 06.09.2019 23:15
Carmen Pereira 06.09.2019 23:08
Gummy Bear da what web
YesEver Fake 06.09.2019 23:04
Quem veio pra ver o toquinho da musica da like
CallMeJaucy 06.09.2019 23:04
2000s Kids Memory Starter Pack Axel F Turning on your PS2 Jimmy N Spongebob Nu Metal Drake & Josh WWE Eminem Old Smosh Videos GTA SA
CallMeJaucy 06.09.2019 22:56
90s Kids: Yo remember Nirvana 2000s Kids: Yo remember Axel F 2010s Kids: yO rEmEmBeR aLi A fOrTnItE gOnE wRoNg!!
1000 Subs sin VIDEOS 06.09.2019 22:54
Hugo Cruz 06.09.2019 22:49
Algun latino x acá r ecordando viejos tiempos....
THESPECIAL FORCES 06.09.2019 22:43
I remember when i was 6 years old and i listened to this song
lala lila 06.09.2019 22:38
como e podido estar 10 años sin escuchar este temasoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nanci Zuniga 06.09.2019 22:31
I saw it when i was 2
RyZapixel -_- 06.09.2019 22:27
josh pereira 06.09.2019 22:27
1997 babes where you at
LMB335is 06.09.2019 22:16
Pedro Barros 06.09.2019 22:03
My brother have a shirt of this frog
Leida Murillo 06.09.2019 22:01
Algún wey español por aquí :v
João Teixeira 06.09.2019 21:35
Cade os br aqui em 2019?????
Adi 555 06.09.2019 21:27
Thot is bulshit! This is just a weird animation but it has more ciews than the original song!!!
k 06.09.2019 21:24
king trapper 06.09.2019 21:23
Marshmallow Aishi 06.09.2019 21:12
I looked up Vocaloid songs... why did this come up!? MIKU EXPLAIN...
GAMES DAVE 06.09.2019 21:06
С дет
Mars Bars 06.09.2019 21:06
Ahh, what do you know? My favourite song when I was 5 years old had come back on my recommendation. YouTube knows me so well.
Adriana Patrícia 06.09.2019 20:54
eu tinha 3 anos quando a música foi lançada kkkkkk
I_AM_DORITO_GOD 12 06.09.2019 20:51
This is literally the most popular music video on this channel...who knew?
selim yaman 06.09.2019 20:41
Inside 06.09.2019 20:40
oversane 06.09.2019 20:38
forget all these new racing games crazy frog is where its at
web yazilim 06.09.2019 20:32
What ? 06.09.2019 20:31
Why'd we let this happen
iCronix- Brawl Stars 06.09.2019 20:20
Nice komplett over powerd
Travis_with _a_ch 06.09.2019 19:52
My generations baby shark
Ew its cleetus 06.09.2019 19:51
sam correia 06.09.2019 19:46
Algum br 2019?
Ivana Brkić 06.09.2019 19:34
KonCrete Music Record 06.09.2019 19:32
MRBIZCUIT 15 06.09.2019 19:32
OH...MY...GOD! NO ONE GIVES A RATS ASS IF YOUR WATCHIN THIS IN 2019!!!!! No need to show your immaturity, we already know!
MRBIZCUIT 15 07.09.2019 05:16
Its literally EVERYWHERE!!!
What ? 06.09.2019 20:32
Why you so bothered
[HUN] Pyro 06.09.2019 19:28
Marie Christine Gbaguidi 06.09.2019 19:27
Super dance
Nuansri Wolff 06.09.2019 19:23
Why 1.1m dislike ?
Jayo Caine 06.09.2019 19:20
I remember before this became popular, I seen this 3d modeled frog alien thing advertised on a website, it came with the high pitched silly noises. It was intended as a banner for a website originally if I remember correctly, I was really surprised to find it used as a prefabricated pop song.
paola app. duarte aparecida 06.09.2019 19:15
Coisa q não Volta mais
Jason Vegas 06.09.2019 19:13
My childhood fev. Video finely i search this song
Евгений Евгений 06.09.2019 18:55
2019 Карл я это ещё помню десять лет прошло
Matteo Serrenti 06.09.2019 18:51
2019 anybody Don’t worry I don’t self promote 🤗
Ильнар Хазиахметов 06.09.2019 18:42
деды ставьте лукас
Dode fun 06.09.2019 18:41