Migos, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B - MotorSport (Official)

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Опубликовано: 08.12.2017
Listen to Culture II everywhere now: https://Migos.lnk.to/Culture2YD Purchase exclusive Migos merch featured from their official store: https://Migos.lnk.to/StoreYD Follow Migos: https://facebook.com/THEMigosAtl https://twitter.com/migos https://instagram.com/migos See the Vaporizer- vape pen used in Motorsport and Save 15% now: http://bit.ly/VAPE-DRAY Cars provided by John Temerian: http://wearecurated.com/ DIRECTORS Bradley & Pablo, Quavo PRODUCERS Fuliane Petikyan, Sara Lacombe, Kevin Kloecker EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Chris Clavdescher CREATIVE DIRECTION Bradley & Pablo, Quavo, Kevin Kloecker HEAD OF PRODUCTION Autumn Hymes Director of Photography (VFX/Migos) Mathieu Plainfossé Director of Photography (Nicki Minaj Unit) Joe Labisi 1ST AD Ev Salomon PROD. DESIGNER Damien Fyffe META PRODUCTIONS / VFX SUPER. John Cameron MIGOS STYLING Zoe Costello Editor/Cut & Run Chris Roebuck VIDEO COMMISSIONER Kevin Kloecker, Sara Lacombe MARKETING Mike Baro, Nick Simmons
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AllThingsFabulous 21.08.2019 14:35
Cardi Slaydddddddddddd
ash cash 21.08.2019 14:01
Skin straight to nicki ❤️
Clara 21.08.2019 13:54
Cardi B:like Nick:comment
Jasmin's spuad 21.08.2019 13:20
Gilmore Adventures 21.08.2019 08:12
Takeoff is the best Migo 🔥
Kevin Niniola 21.08.2019 08:06
We all here for the same reason
high choice 21.08.2019 08:01
we need more Nicki and Cardi collabs! hopefully...
T sin 21.08.2019 07:55
Nick killed it on this
вєαυтуу • 21.08.2019 07:38
1:49 - Cardi 2:44 - Nicki
Daniel Ziga 21.08.2019 07:16
Cardi B -Like Nicki Minaj -Comment
Kamigami no Kami 21.08.2019 06:11
Motorsport is the best song of 2017 hands down
Njeri Kimingi 21.08.2019 05:32
the only song i can stand listening Candi b...shes always yelling in her song
hayley o’grady 21.08.2019 05:30
anyone notice @ 2:43 one of the signs says “nicki __ experience”
Lesley Vance 21.08.2019 07:18
Oh your right!
hayley o’grady 21.08.2019 05:27
@ 1:40 LOVE how they start to show Cardi during Offset’s verse.🔥🔥🔥 then she finally comes in @ 1:47
hayley o’grady 21.08.2019 05:26
this song is so crazy.... every verse goes so hard🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bre 21.08.2019 05:22
NOBODY: NOT A SOUL: . . NICKI: U ont want smoke wit me dis is a lace blunt🥴
Shay Shebad 21.08.2019 04:42
Onika murdered this 🔥🔥🔥 who’s still listening in 2019??
kizobo1 21.08.2019 04:17
Dakota Rhodes 21.08.2019 02:30
Niki: “bitch you my son go sit on the potty.” Me: yes ma’am.
GangRed 21.08.2019 02:22
Queen Nicki .period 🦄🦄🦄
Khris Harris 21.08.2019 02:13
Nicki really went crazy on her verse 🥵
Petty Labelle 21.08.2019 01:55
Cardi’s verse the best... Nicki doing too much, with her lame ass raps... bitch say she write her own shit, but it be trash... sit down sis...
GangRed 21.08.2019 02:21
Petty Labelle lmao are you dumb ?!? Nicki can rap circles around fraudi b. The lack of taste jumped out
eat my swag 20.08.2019 23:42
i came for nicki
Yx AQ 20.08.2019 22:58
Dame más gasolina 🔥🔥✨❤💎
aline rodrigues 20.08.2019 22:56
Card b:like Nickiminaj:comment
Burning donut 20.08.2019 22:39
Takeoff is soo underrated
AUEI 20.08.2019 22:18
i love nicki more but this is the only vid that cardi is better than nicki to be onest
Tashii Rise 20.08.2019 21:58
Cardi killed her verse and so did nicki 🥺🔥
Paul Form 20.08.2019 21:20
Respect for #NickiMinaj And #CardiB!✋🏻 The first is a legend in the world of rap, the second is another female rapper who is having great success in the last time.. Stop comparing them. Peace and Love! 💥
Star Girls 20.08.2019 21:20
Am I the only one who thinks there both Queens ??
Christina Smith 20.08.2019 21:06
Nicki braids look icy AF
Its Ya Boiii 20.08.2019 20:47
This is how many people want Nicki and Cardi to make it good 👇🏽
Starz Wisdom 20.08.2019 18:59
I love nicki Nd cardi part
Perez Leracki 20.08.2019 18:24
DEMET Sky 20.08.2019 18:14
Who is here for NICK HOEe
BloxyGigi 20.08.2019 17:42
I don't wanna be the person who puts them against each other, but Nicki's verse just sat on all of theirs
Ana San 20.08.2019 17:41
He is beating Nicki Minaj
Ana San 20.08.2019 17:40
The best cardi b
Ελένη Νοικοκύρη 20.08.2019 17:16
Υπέροχη ερμηνεία!!!
ART seth 20.08.2019 15:08
Am i the only one who doesnt care about migos part just skipping his part to cardi and nicki
ART seth 21.08.2019 00:41
@Its Ya Boiii righttttt!? Haha
Its Ya Boiii 20.08.2019 20:48
c o s м o s 20.08.2019 14:50
My teacher: what so funny ? Me: nothing... My brain: *lmaoborghini*
John An98 20.08.2019 13:17
2019 anyone???
Hemanta Deka 20.08.2019 11:06
2 0 1 9 ? 😎
Edizz 20.08.2019 10:39
Cardi b and Nicki are Sounding the same
Zweihander 20.08.2019 09:41
Omg too much autotune coulda been much more fire without it
Kay Harris 20.08.2019 07:16
stop comparing nicki and cardi.. they both fye🥵!
and i OOP 20.08.2019 20:52
Kay Harris cardi b is not fye she’s a fucking fraud dummy.... you support frauds?
Its Ya Boiii 20.08.2019 20:48
@Kay Harris Yas queen 😂👸🏽👸🏽
Kay Harris 20.08.2019 20:47
and i OOP umm yes ... it’s my opinion and i didn’t ask for yours 😘
and i OOP 20.08.2019 20:44
Kay Harris nahhh
AALOK CHOUDHARI 20.08.2019 06:19
Here over the years only for nicki minaj 👑queen
Jenevah Dumandan 20.08.2019 03:51
Nicki 👑♥️
Kendylxxo 20.08.2019 03:08
Wbk nobody came for Migos, we all came for Cardi or Nicki like 🤦‍♀️
Kendylxxo 20.08.2019 03:06
Haha Nicki killed em all
joaldo jesus 20.08.2019 01:32
Nicky Minaj X Cardi B 😂😂
cam 19.08.2019 22:53
nicki ate everybody up on this and thats just period
big_nikka69 21.08.2019 09:10
cam not really at the beginning of her verse it was probably the worst flow I ever heard and the second was the same but a little faster but after it started to pick up but then it went back to the same flow but faster and at the end it was way better then she got outshined by takeoff
CA EZ 19.08.2019 21:14
Carys Brown 19.08.2019 20:46
tisha b 19.08.2019 20:22
This song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤(still watching in 2019) #whybeef #bruh
danields Tv 19.08.2019 19:49
Eskere , 2019
harry Cannon 19.08.2019 18:12
Did he say Nicki show me her titty but head on the bible I won’t tell but 500 million people know now 😂😂
Ceren Cengiz 19.08.2019 18:03
Nickii. Minaaaajjjj barbi babbyyy!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️🥰😘😘😍😍
Vanessa Wood 19.08.2019 17:59
All of your friends be d$@d.....seems like a lonley life
Marsha Carter 19.08.2019 17:51
I don't care what none of y'all people say but cardi B killed this. Y'all got a problem with what I said too bad.
ItzMeJay era 20.08.2019 01:39
And so did Nicki
Judy Zudia 19.08.2019 17:50
I love this song lot
NOLIMIT D 19.08.2019 17:46
Who here after Joe Budden and Nicki sit down?😂
Gabriël Bergen 21.08.2019 12:18
NOLIMIT D he needs to take his fatass to the gym, be4 Nicki dragg his ass to hell
Rafi Mullah 19.08.2019 17:27
This is some gta 5 online garage type shit
Kelvin Njihia 19.08.2019 17:00
[БЛЭТ] ORANGE 19.08.2019 16:08
Sandisile Nombuso 19.08.2019 15:41
Give props for the 5 flow 😍😍😍😍😍
Sandisile Nombuso 19.08.2019 15:39
Lol the barbs are insecure sometimes why not say comment for Nicki the like for Cardi? 😂😂😂any ways i love both women wish this this beef can end
Dacre Montgomery 19.08.2019 15:26
Nicki minaj is the real queen
Freddie Bierner 19.08.2019 14:59
Nicki murdered everyone on the track with or without changing her verse lmaooo they really tried my bitch and she did not disappoint
saffaree dfs 20.08.2019 08:30
marcus liam 19.08.2019 14:41
Muito bom mesmo Cardi b maravilhosa Diva 😘😍🇺🇸
Jennie Kim 19.08.2019 11:49
Can we not compare Cadi and Nicki? Just enjoy the song bitches
Emilka Jurasz 19.08.2019 11:34
Holdapppp nicki and cardi?
Sabrina Mohammed 19.08.2019 11:21
when your mom came in the room be like what u watching ,me: nothing leave a like for hope
Prisca Mazira 19.08.2019 09:54
only came for nicki barsss bitches BARRRSSSSSS
Prisca Mazira 19.08.2019 09:52
bruhhhhhh nicki got barrrrrrssssss
saffaree dfs 20.08.2019 08:31
Pri T 19.08.2019 09:00
this is such a fucking underrated song
Na Mo 19.08.2019 08:42
Adrian Rodriguez 19.08.2019 08:41
i love this songggg
Yalil Bitch 19.08.2019 04:58
Nicki literally bodied all of them with flow, lyrics, precision, and execution.
Jayah Norae 19.08.2019 04:18
I literally only came here for Migos, and Cardi tbh.
Alessandro Andre 21.08.2019 11:30
Jayah Norae no one cares
Jayah Norae 20.08.2019 13:36
saffaree dfs eh not really
saffaree dfs 20.08.2019 08:31
well u came for the boring part LMAO
joseph akin 19.08.2019 03:00
Nikki is almost 10 years older than Cardi but she’s still Damn fine than that Bitch. Black Diamond 💧
Huey Freeman 19.08.2019 02:14
Riwanti Nainggolan 19.08.2019 01:31
Still cardi b😘😘😘
Snoop Catt 19.08.2019 01:27
Takeoff made me feel like i flew to the moon
Snoop Catt 19.08.2019 01:24
This song makes me want to listen to Migos, Nicki minaj, Cardi B - Motorsport
abigail barthelus 19.08.2019 01:14
When cardi and nick was cool
Sky Diver AD 19.08.2019 00:43
☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁ If u got time peep my vibes 👀 ☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁
Marcela Nascimento 18.08.2019 23:44
Cardi b arrasando mais uma vez 🤟🏻😍😌
Ggdyb Gftby 18.08.2019 22:55
this song still popping
Joel Dunn 18.08.2019 21:36
Nikki wildin on The Joe budden pod brought me back here....Cardi 🔥
INCÓGNIT ONAFETS 18.08.2019 20:43
Nyggas + money + cocaine = Donal Trump
Mrsuicidesheep xD 18.08.2019 19:15
I came here just for Takeoff 🔥
Mrsuicidesheep xD 18.08.2019 19:15
Who the rich mutherfcker name "Takeoff" 🔥🔥🔥
luis khalid 18.08.2019 18:43
very addictive
Tina Penney 18.08.2019 18:33
Nicki minaj all the way. She is much better than cardi b
holymine 18.08.2019 17:38
Still surprised they got my two queens in this song. August 2019 Anyone? Lol
Mayank Sharma 18.08.2019 17:03
do you dare say again suicide door Britney spears .............she is getting better day by day
Bruno Idalino 18.08.2019 16:23
Nicki Minaj rainha!
imvu/dream queen 18.08.2019 16:16
I felt like Nikki was throwing shade at cardi b
Abou Diallo 18.08.2019 15:41
Nicki the queen of the rap 👸
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